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I may not have read the story to which this character belongs to, but I do have an eye for such detailed art as well as a love for drag...

This artwork is beautiful! I love how you managed to capture how hesitant she looks, like she wants to investigate but is uncertain. Th...

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“All right! Where is he? I’m going to give that egotistical pony the beat down of a lifetime!” Thespio yelled as he barged in with Jasper right behind him. Everyone who was in the room looked up, startled, as the two ponies made their way over.
“Uhhh… Thespio? Jasper? What’s going on?” Eliyora asked.
“CartoonZ!” Thespio answered her. “Where is he? The time has come to put him in his place once and for all and-” He stopped abruptly, taking note of the unknown Pegasus within the room. “Uh, who is that?”
A giggle escaped from the small, white Alicorn that is Lightning Bliss as she said, “It’s Toon! He’s back!”
“Toon?” Jasper questioned, studying the Pegasus. “Really? Are you sure it’s him?”
“Oh it’s definitely me,” Toon said. “Albeit I did have to go through a bit of a change.
“Oooh!” Thespio said, realization
:icontheburningskycloud:theburningskycloud 0 0
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Well I'm in another raffle. I think I'll look for raffles to enter from here-on out since I don't have the money to commission one. So no matter how many there are, I will fight the good fight. Here's the raffle link below!…
I have tons of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that I'm looking to sell and the first I'm looking to sell are Gearfried the Iron Knight, Release Restraint, and Gearfried the Swordmaster. Individually they sell for:

Gearfried the Iron Knight - $3.13
Release Restraint - $2.25
Gearfried the Swordmaster - $2.55

As a set they go for $7.93.

I know the original Yu-Gi-Oh series isn't as popular as Arc V is and the upcoming new Yu-Gi-Oh series, but if anyone is seeking these cards for playing or just collecting, send me a note!

The bottom left corner of Gearfried the Iron Knight is bent, but otherwise in good condition.
Release Restraint is in good condition.
The bottom left corner of Gearfried the Swordmaster is a bit faded, but otherwise in good condition.

And they will be sent with card sleeves.
If the first you don't succeed, keep on trying! Never lose hope that one day, the plush that's been always been wanted will be yours! The link to the giveaway is below.

-Closed- kiashone's Christmas GiveawayWinners found here: 2017 Christmas Giveaway Winner
Finally, up the winning plush will be put on the end of my current list. Hope, all you guys are having a great time. ^W^
Date: December 24, 2016- January 7, 2017
The winners will be picked at random on the 7th about 8pm Eastern time.
The winners has 24 hours to claim their prize, before redrawing.

One Simple Mare, Dr. Hooves body type Stallion, Filly, or Colt.
This can be cannon or OC.
~Light gradients of one color is okay but no more.
~No clothing allowed (unless Princess then a crown only this is for filly princesses)
~No 3d printed items.

Rules to Enter Giveaway:
So I'm partaking in this fun little raffle! Check it out!

<da:thumb id="649588968"/>
Special Someponies
My good friend :iconsonicwillrule: drew this for me of my girlfriend and I in our pony forms. She's a very talented artist and will take commissions. She draws a wide variety of anime characters aside from ponies such as Hetalia and such to OC's. Check some of her work out.

Prices and rules are as followed in the link below. Every little bit helps.…
Well I'm in another raffle. I think I'll look for raffles to enter from here-on out since I don't have the money to commission one. So no matter how many there are, I will fight the good fight. Here's the raffle link below!…


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